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Islamabad sexy

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Islamabad has its own charm and after visiting Islamabad, I made 3 new milestones.

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It was around islamabad sexy in the morning, I got a call from Farhan. Before starting the complete story, I want to give a quick shout out to Farhan.

Farhan is a hiring genius. He is running islamabad sexy own Freelance Agency and he is literally a genius when it comes to hiring an employee. The next part of the story is, Farhan invited me to Islamabad to deliver a 3 hours talk on Fiverr.

I was more enthusiast about it as I never visited Islamabad before, infact I never went out of city except once I went to Murree with Family when I was a Kid and it was not a good experience for me.

Islamabad sexy, we decided islamabad sexy do it on weekend which was not a good idea. Here is the quick over view.

Left home at sharp 6 in the morning, got the ticket at 7 and left for ISL at sharp 8. The good thing, I was being entertained with wifi all the way. Reached ISL at sharp islamabad sexy Sajid is a passionate Freelancer and running islamabad sexy freelance agencies along with Empowering Pakistan.

Thanks to Sajid, I really loved his hospitality. Embarrassing right? Islamabad sexy, yeah, kind of. But what we can say, it was not possible for them to leave their house according to the current political situation at ISL.

Anyhow, we thought to drop the plane of session, but islamabad sexy my request we started on. It went good, I guess more than good.

At sharp islamabad sexy, I went to Sajid house to Fresh myself secretly, I was having a plan to join the protest against the current government happening at ISL and luckily Sajid islamabad sexy enthusiast about it. After having some snacks, we departed for protest at sharp 6: Sajid took the best roads towards the protest and I got a chance to look into beautiful ISL.

After making my presence recorded in Protest, we left to check out sexy ISL. islamabad sexy

Islamabad sexy took a quick visit to Faisal Mosque and my my. S some pictures are included in the bottom of post.

After having a debate on where to do dinner, Sajid took zexy to The HotSpot Cafe and haha, islamabad sexy a funny place it is with delicious food. Sajid dropped me all the way to Rawalpindi Terminal at 1am and I left for Islamabad sexy at sharp 1: Damn man, it was a great experience for me.

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Stay tuned for the next part islamabad sexy story either by bookmarking my blog or by signing up for my newsletter. S While to talking to Sajid.

Well, he is, he is! I have an aesthetic approach to everything I publish online.

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