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Tourist Guide To Khon Kaen Nightlife - A Farang Abroad

Click here to add your reply. Hello, I wonder what this place can offer for a tourist like me? Any thoughts please? Have visited there numerous times over the years and never found it very interesting.

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A few ok hotels outside of that nothing that great. The Roma Hotel not a place i would advise staying at, is interesting to sit and have a drink and sex in khon kaen the other numerous foreigners. Outstanding food where? Im chat sex outside of that i just spend one night in kane town and move on.

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Overall Boring! Heard it's a nice enough city but not much to do during the sex in khon kaen. Apparently it has a ok music scene at nights and a good food market. Issan ssx a good region to visit but it's best done with a car as the highlights are spread.

I've been in Khon Kho with my boyfriend for two months now, and there really isn't much to offer. Especially for tourists. I hear the horse races on Sundays are fun, but I have yet parkersburg personals make sex in khon kaen appearance.

There are some good night markets - Ton Tann being my favorite. Lots of restaurants along the two large lakes. You could also make a trip a little outside of town to atlanta gfe Ubonrat Dam. That's definitely worth checking. I wrote a little about it and included pics in my post here: Other than that, really not much to see here! Been there perhaps fifty times.

Trust me its boring. Unless you kaaen watching foreigners with their bar girls sex in khon kaen front of the over priced Roma Hotel drinking beer. But the iin is a nice visit away from the typical crowds. Like anywhere some cities are interesting and some are for the most part boring. KK is in the boring.

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You like Ubon? That is sex in khon kaen toss up. I do not care for Ubon because of the lay out of the city and again it is boring. Having said that it xxx masag far fewer tourists than Khon Kaen and for me that is a big plus for numerous reasons. I will be back in KK early next year for a night.

United States. Yes there are many cities and villages i like. They are all located in peaceful Nakhon Nowhere my own little peace of heaven. No girly bars, no Burger Kings, beautiful cheap places to stay, great cheap Thai food, wonderful friendly Thais, no scams, no double pricing, sex in khon kaen to no English, no English signs and white faces are very very rare.

These places sex in khon kaen exist and no they i am not telling. The foreigners have enough slums to visit already and all the garbage that comes with it. Khon Kaen is not on that list. I have numerous places i enjoy throughout Thailand. My own secret hideaways. Is that ok with you? You truly sexx to have just about nothing to contribute which is of use to new travellers other than to warn sex in khon kaen off pad thai and taxi drivers that may gas them of course, which I guess has a certain degree of usekhn I do wonder what on earth you are doing posting.

Perhaps if you listen master somtam i might be willing to Wives seeking real sex Pensacola some useful info. I have been to just about every tourist hub in ThailandLaos, Cambodia, and Malaysia and sex in khon kaen. You have a tendency to shoot down everything i say. That is itself might be putting someone in danger.

Sorry i don,t want the herds following me to my secret spots. Don,t worry yourself too. I am starting my own website for those seeking a nice environment unlike what you promote.

Mass tourism in every last corner of Sex in khon kaen Asia. Sorry to be harsh but i have not seen any useful information from you other than the same old follow the sheep routine.

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If you sex in khon kaen cared about Southeast Asia its natives and the tourists that visit perhaps you could write a few pages on warnings such as taxi scams. It is no wonder many of the Thais have come to hate foreigners and i can understand. If you read back to other posts perhaps you might notice i have given information on areas the tourists visit.

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Otherwise they should just follow each. I am not here to pick a fight with you and perhaps you could follow your partners tone which seems to sex in khon kaen much more polite than. S LC you are invited to my site once i get it started.

I do not agree with you on some issues but at least you can express your viewpoints. I think it is up to the readers to decide what they agree with and what they don,t. LP thorntree has turned into a sanitized and i would have to say a dangerous joke controled by a few with the mods backing. God forbid someone might disagree with. Aken above a second time sf escort guide you did sex in khon kaen understand the first time.

I have to agree sex in khon kaen LC your getting to be a bit of a Nazi. Let the readers choose what they wish to read or write and they can choose to post a comment to agree kqen disagree. Post a comment about their favorite locations or post a comment why they do not agree. Believe it or not there are more than a few of us out there who think outside the box. I don,t really care for Khon Kaen big deal i prefer Petchabun City. Sex in khon kaen might try inviting a few who do not agree with mass tourism.

You might sex in khon kaen really shocked how many are willing to do anything to get away from the crowds that do the same routine over and over. Leave a few areas untouched like the wilderness. Unless you believe every last tree needs to be cut down and happy ending in thailand by a Burger King.

Maybe you forgot this land is their land not yours.

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Many Thais would also like a few sex in khon kaen left alone from mass tourism and all the negative crap that comes with it. As i said if you really gave a hoot about them write a sex in khon kaen dex about Thai customs and behaving while visiting.

Enough of Southeast Asia ,hon been destroyed because of carelessness and greed not only by the natives but by us and our selfish i,ll do as i damn please behavior while visiting. I beg you to do it. If you really care.

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Or do you? I don't get it. This is a travel forum where people talk about destinations. Telling someone your erotic massage ontario spot will hardly make a difference to visitor numbers. I've been talking up places like Trang, Khong Chiam, Prachuap and it would have made very little if any sex in khon kaen.

Maybe 3 or 4 people take the tip and go.

So Petchabun City is your big secret. Why was that so hard? Backpackers on the pancake trail won't go there so no need to worry. They want fake tattoos, pad thai and banana shakes on every corner.

A lot of Thais are drunks, bad drivers and crooks. Thailand has a huge amount of crime. Well LC i disagree with you. It does matter and the numbers are much higher than a.

Having said that you still have the right to express your point of view. That is unless you enjoy being deleted by what you call a Nazi. I sex in khon kaen to Prachuap and Trang in the past year. Saw farangs a day. I bet nothing will change in the next 2 years. Sex in khon kaen are all sheep - bangkok- cm-pai- koh pha ngan - tao - phi phi.

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They rarely venture off the path.